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2020-2021 / Descubre el poder de la luz

5º · Erain
Irun · Gipuzkoa
Lab1 Luz & Movimiento
¡Atrapa la luz!

Marcos Lorenzo

Through a transparent medium a double refraction can be considered. If we think of a window glass, the light undergoes a first refraction when passing from the air to the glass, continues on its way and refracts again when it passes back into the air.

Lab2 Luz & Materiales
¡Juego de sombras!

Diego San Agustin

The science of light has helped us understand and know what certain objects we could not see were like. Thanks to the interaction of objects with light we can know their shape and, on certain occasions, the material of which they are made up. The ALBA Synchrotron uses a very bright light, called synchrotron light, to study matter, like you have just done yourselves. But it uses devices much more complicated than a flashlight to generate it! CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SHADOWS PROJECTED BY OPAQUE, TRANSLUCENT AND REFLECTIVE OBJECTS? Yes, it is abysmal the difference between they. HOW DOES LIGHT HELP US KNOW ABOUT OBJECTS THAT WE CANNOT OBSERVE DIRECTLY? It help us reflecting the light to our eyes see the difference objects

Lab3 Luz & Visión
¡Captura la imagen!

Diego San Agustin

Para que pueda enfocar. Y la luz pasar sin problema

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